Membership Benefits

In addition to belonging to a research community with similar interests, benefits of JSPA membership include receiving the peer-reviewed Japanese Journal of Physiological Anthropology (JJPA) at a much-reduced rate. Moreover, the member receives the benefit of reduced registration fees at the Society’s Meeting, and a reduced submission fee for Journal of PHYSIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY (JPA).

How to apply for membership

Membership in the JSAP is open to those who work or have worked in the field of physiological anthropology, as defined on the home page. Download an application form here A copy of the Japanese version of the JSPA Constitution can be downloaded here.

Membership subscriptions

Subscriptions are due on 1st April each year. Subscriptions for 2010 are as follows:

Overseas member: 3,500 yen per annum

Overseas member (JJPA): 5,000 yen per annum JPA is published bimonthly, and JJPA is published quarterly.

Members should send subscriptions to the JSPA Treasurer. Payment should be in yen sterling and should be made by credit card (VISA or Master). Becoming one year behind in payment may result in a delay in receiving the Journals. Being behind in payment for a second consecutive year may result in expulsion from the JSPA.


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