Copyright ownership of articles in backnumbers

Copyright ownership of articles published in Applied Human Science and Annals of Physiological Anthropology

Journal of PHYSIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, English journal of Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology, is published on the electronic journal site J-STAGE operated by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Currently we publish from Vol. 15 (1996) to the latest issue available. This year, this journal was selected as a subject for archival to JST and we are going to digitize all back numbers back to the first issue and make them available to JST.

In the course of promoting this project, we need to make sure that copyright ownership of articles in the journals have devolved from the authors to the Society. Since Vol.17 (1998) No.2, the contribution rule says that all copyrights of discourses and articles published in the journal belong to the Society, however we have not clarified it for previous issues. Therefore we would like to get agreement about the following information from authors of discourses and articles published in Vol.1 No.1 to vol.17 No.1

1. Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology is entitled to duplicate discourses and articles published in the journals in whole or in part and have public transmission for academic purpose.

2. Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology is entitled to have third parties exercise the same rights as in 1 above for academic purpose.

3. If we obtain revenue from acts 1 and 2 above, we will devote it to the operating expenses of the Society.

This assignment of authority does not discourage authors’ use of articles.Authors and bereaved families who have a hereditaryright to it are supposed to make advances to the Society by February 2007 if they do not agree with it. If we do not get any response, we take the liberty to deem that we are given their consent.In this regard, however, to the best of our ability we will still respond any responses even after the reply deadline.We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.